Top 4 Causes of Windscreens Crack and Chip

top causes of windscreen cracks and chipsWindscreen cracks and chips are the pet peeve of every motorist and there are enough hazards on the road to make it one of the most common automotive repairs.

It may not show at first, but a chip can quickly become a major fault and put vehicle occupants at risk. Thankfully, most small chips are easily repaired using an adhesive solution. On the other hand, cracks of a serious nature are a concern and can spread across the entire screen quickly. In this instance, windscreen replacement is a priority and should be carried out by a professional as soon as possible.


Windscreen cracks and chips can be caused by:


  1. Stones and debris

Let’s start with the number one reason why windscreens are damaged: stone chips. While driving on gravel roads, driveways or country lanes, it’s common for stones to be thrown up from the rear wheels of the car travelling ahead of you. Similarly, the high speeds of motorway driving means any debris on the road can become airborne and impact your windscreen at high velocity.

Advice: Always leave a sufficient gap between you and the car in front, especially on the types of roads listed above.


  1. Freezing temperatures

Your windscreen is always expanding and contracting on a minute scale as ambient temperatures change. When this is pushed to the extreme, your windscreen can fail and form small cracks which will get bigger over time. At this point you’ll need to replace the windscreen so it is safe to use on the road.

Advice: Hot water should never be poured on a windscreen to defrost it. The sudden change in temperature causes the windscreen to expand and this causes cracks.


  1. Direct sunlight

It’s unlikely that direct sunlight will damage your windscreen in the UK because ambient temperatures don’t reach high enough, even in summer. However, freak accidents with intense sunlight have been known to happen. Parking beneath a glass structure that intensifies the light and heat at pavement level has been known to cause various forms of car damage, including to windscreens.

Advice: On extremely hot days, park your car in the shade or invest in a sunshade that covers the entire windscreen.


  1. Hail and adverse weather

When there’s hail the size of golf balls falling from the sky, it’s guaranteed some unlucky motorist is going to suffer a chip or crack to their windscreen. Modern cars are remarkably tough and the glazing is no exception. However, when hail and storms throw everything they have at a cold and brittle windscreen, it’s no wonder that hail and gales make this list.

Advice: It’s hard to avoid this one, but if you can find cover for your car as soon as the weather turns for the worst, you’ll be in the clear.


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